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Lost innocence

Last night I attended a screening of "The Kids of St. Michael's," a film by U of L student (and fellow Rotaractor) Desmond Kamara. It was intensely moving, sad, and brought up some scary issues.

The film was a chronicle of Dez's attempt to locate some of the children he had…

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Isn't It Possible To Be Neutral?

Ecuador has strengthened its ties with Iran and Iran has even opened an embassy in Quito which has concerned the U.S.

Consequently, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), based in Paris, recently listed Ecuador as not following international regulations against money laundering and financing terrorism.

However, Ecuador has several regulations that prevent terrorism from investing in it. For example, people who are depositing amounts of money over 10,000…


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Doc on Haiti

New Frontline on Haiti airing tomorrow night. Looks to be really insightful.

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Irish Singer Sinead O'Connor on Catholic child abuse

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Is One Hour Enough?

Tonight at 8:30 pm is Earth Hour 2010. Every year people around the world show their concern about the environment by turning their lights off for one hour. More than 50 million people from 35 countries participate and many landmarks like the CN tower in Toronto contribute as well. However, what I am wondering is whether one hour is enough.

Earth Hour does claim that the purpose of the event is not the one hour of energy saving, but the awareness that the event brings.…


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Abolition of the Prison Industrial Complex/System

I must admit I don’t have a complete comprehension of Abolition of the Prison Industrial Complex (Prison Abolition). I only came across the Abolition movement several months ago after reading Andrea Smith’s “Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide”, upon searching this I uncovered years of work produced (over several decades) by Angela Davis. Angela Davis is a Black feminist (interlocking theorist), a former member of the Black Panther movement (she was tried for a murder… Continue

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To the queer feminist this may concern: an open letter on the political and personal of White-supremacy

(This is the open letter I briefly showed during my blog presentation in class. It slightly requires an understanding of critical race (and) feminist thought.)

To the queer feminist this may concern: an open letter on the political and personal of White-supremacy

This letter has been delayed because of my grave reluctance to reach out to you, for what I want us to chew upon here is neither easy nor simple. The history of white…

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BASE Journal Site - check it out

here is the link to the site and please read my discussion question and reply, thanks....

i think it would be cool if we could publish an online journal including anthony's works and those of students, have an editor etc. and see what it would cost to run something such as this and promote it via the U of L....

also another site that is similar which we havn't discussed (probably…


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Response to Canadian Water Discussion


this is informal and a quick response as i don't want to lose my thoughts but somewhere along the road of my life i was told that there is some law or act (which i am in the works of finding) unless anyone else knows it, that if a person is thirsty it is a law that a business (any store etc) must provide water for a dying or thirsty person? Has anyone else heard about this and then how does that affect the right to own water, yet if we have a law somewhere that states we…


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More on the catholic church

Speaking of reprimanding and rehabilitation of the catholic priests in question: The church had a general rule that the allegations…


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Conspiracy theories – Are they dangerous?

Cass Sunstein who currently is the Administrator of the White House office of information and regulatory affairs in the Obama administration believes that conspiracy theories are dangerous. In a white paper he outlined what the government response should be to conspiacy theories.

II. Governmental Responses

What can government do about conspiracy…


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Main Stream Media and "The News”

Our class briefly investigated the main stream media following a clip we watched on msnbc (I believe) about what the broadcast termed a “crazy 9/11 truther ” that was killed outside the pentagon in a shootout. My concern here is that after watching this 2-3min clip I began to really wonder; what exactly is the news?

Wikipedia state that the news is “the communication of information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third party or mass… Continue

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The Pope

I find the most interesting thing that is coming out of the news right now is the current sexual abuse claims against the catholic church. The catholic church is being accused of covering-up and…


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Change ... is there still hope?

My views so far have gone from confusion, to anger, to despair, and now to hope. Despair as of late because I see how messed up the world is and know

that it needs a complete overhaul, but will that happen? I sometimes wonder if

it is even worth learning…


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Stolen Sisters

After class tonight I felt immensely compelled to dicuss the 2004 Amnesty International Report "Stolen Sisters: A Human Rights Response to discrimination and violence against Indigenous Women in Canada". I have attached a link below for access to the report in its entirety. An updated, summary version of the report states that "[i]…


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The San Patricios: Mexico's Irish battalion

The Mexican-American war. I could post dozens of commentaries about that historical event that resulted in Mexico losing about 40% of its territory in one of the clearest (and embarrasing) examples of American imperialism.

The American army had Catholic Irish and German immigrants amongst its ranks. These…


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The Madoff fiasco: Twenty-nine red flags

Harry Markopolos sent a memo to the US Securities & Exchange Commission highlighting 29 red flags about the infamous Bernie Maddoff's investment organization under the subtle title "The World's Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud". Despite this account of Markopolos' investigation, the SEC didn't take action to arrest Maddoff until much later. …


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What is war?

"Two soldiers go to war. One comes back and adjusts well, leaving it all behind. The other comes home with post-traumatic stress syndrome and cannot get the faces of the dead out of his mind. Which one them is crazy?" (1)

This is the definition of war according to Merriam-Webster:

1 a (1) : a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations (2) : a period of such…


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Corporation Runs for Political Office in response to Recent Supreme Court Ruling!

Until now, corporations only influenced politics with high-paid lobbyists and backroom deals. But today, thanks to an enlightened Supreme Court, corporations now have all the rights the founding fathers meant for us. It was their dream to build the best democracy money can buy.

That's why Murray Hill Incorporated is taking democracy's next step — running for Congress.

PR firm…


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